Saturday, March 15, 2008

Night bus to Yangon

Up about 8:00. Dad got up early to eat and go use internet to try and get back to Canada early.

I soaked in bed, got up, showered and had breakfast about 9:00, then back to room and read and waited for dad. Power went out as I was waiting, so dad will probably be back fairly soon. He returned a short time later, and about 20 minutes, the power came back on. He packed his bag and just as he was going to head back to the internet, the power went off again. He waited, and about 10 minutes later, it was back on. He quickly headed to the internet.

About 11:30, I checked us out, took our bags downstairs and waited downstairs for him. He returned about noon.

We decided to walk down some of the back streets of town to see what we could see. The houses here are not too bad. Just bamboo housing, but seem in good shape, and fairly large. We eventually got lost and found ourselves at the local market, where locals sell fish, veggies, eggs, cloth, household items, etc. The market is HUGE. One of the fabric shops saw us coming and ran up to us with Myanmar local dress that guys wear, called a sarong. They dressed both of us up in sarongs and white button up shirts, and I took a picture of dad. Of course, they wanted to sell, dad asked how much for his outfit, they came up with a price of $23 for sarong and shirt. Too high, they dropped to $18. Dad said he just wanted the sarong, not the shirt, they said $12. Dad offered $10, and a deal was struck. I told them I didn't want to buy, but ended up buying a t-shirt with the Burmese alphabet for $2. The market was awesome, highly recommended.

We walked some more, were lost, so took a trishaw back to the guest house about 1:30. Want to San Kabar Italian restaurant for lunch.

Back to the guest house, about 2:40 and waited for the bus.

I think my diahhroea is done. Yay!

Bus came at 3:15 and we were off.

The roads here in Myanmar are terrible, like Laos or Cambodia. Riding through the countryside, we came across a part of Myanmar with hundreds of oil wells.

The bus stopped for supper about 8:00pm. Dad and me not very hungry, and had oranges. I'm also afraid to eat in case I do still have diahhroea.

We had the worst seats on the bus, raised up from the previous seats, so our feet couldn't touch the floor, they just dangled. And because we were so high up, we didn't have much room when the people in front decided to lower the back of their seat. And, we couldn't stretch our feet out underneath the seats in front of us.

The bus played Myanmar music videos (with karaoke lyrics) and then a Myanmar comedy movie. The music in Myanmar is quite modern, including rap and hip/hop artists, but much of it is love songs of various sorts. Not sure what they're singing about.

Stopped for a toilet break shortly after midnight.

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