Sunday, April 28, 2002

Sailing, Day 9

Left Gibsons, and sailed back to Vancouver. After getting the boat all cleaned out, Don dropped me off at the airport, and I was gone.

I then realized, I had touched both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in less than 2 months this year.

Saturday, April 27, 2002

Sailing, Day 8

Left Pender Harbour about 9:00 AM.

Sunny day, not a cloud in sight.

Had lunch at the Jolly Roger Pub in Secret Cove.

Landed in Gibsons about 7:30. Had supper at Waterfront Restaurant.

Friday, April 26, 2002

Sailing, Day 7

Don and Ian started out early (7:00 AM) while Andrew and I slept. Cloudy, cool, and rainy day.

Stopped at Lund for lunch...Nancy's Bakery again...Mmmmm!

Motored all day.

Stopepd at Pender Harbour about 7:00 PM for the night.

Thursday, April 25, 2002

Sailing, Day 6

Left Grace Harbour, passed through Waddington Channel, and stopped at Toba Wilderness Resort. Beautiful mountain vista's en route, and an incredible waterfall at the resort.

Saw a dolphin/porpoise/whale or something on the way up the resort. It had a small dorsal fin, kinda looked like it was cut off, was "stubby". I'll have to research on the internet and find out what it was.

Had supper on the boat, then saw some Orca's hunting seals. Cool!!!

Built a campfire with Robert (winter caretaker of the resort). Robert is from Germany, and he has a lot of great stories about his time he spends at the resort, and the wildlife he sees.

Perfect day today, weatherwise (well, not enough wind to sail, but perfect other than that).

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Sailing, Day 5

Sunny, mild, little wind.

Headed up to Desolation Sound after having breakfast and lunch at Nancy's Bakery in Lund. I stocked up on groceries (and since I was buying, I bought MEAT!!!)

Beautiful scenery, all the way up.

Ended up anchoring in Grace Harbour about 4:00 PM. We're all alone, not another boat in sight. Apparently, in July or August, this place would be packed with boats anchored in the bay.

Ian and I went for a short hike, then Ian, Andrew and me had a wiener roast over an open fire. Ian doesn't eat meat, but he made an exception this time.

Played Trivial Pursuit, and Ian won...again.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Sailing, Day 4

Don and Ian started sailing at 7:00 AM as Andrew and I slept. I rolled onto the floor twice, as the boat keeled over from the wind catching the sail. After the second fall, I got the hint, and got dressed. :-)

Windy, big swells today again.

Stopped in Powell River about 11:30, and ate lunch.

Andrew and Don took a cab to the hospital. They were there about 2 hours, and when they got back, Andrew had a cast. He had a broken foot.

About 3:30, the wind started to die down, so we headed for Lund. Nice sailing wind.

Got to Lund about 8:00 PM, and got the restaurant/bar about 8:15, expecting to get something to eay. The kitchen closed at 8:00, so we were out of luck. Snacked on chips and nuts and watched the Vancouver hockey game. After the game was over (about 10:45), went back to the boat, and Ian made pasta.

Remember: Don pissed off, because we couldn't tie up to the dock, and had to tie off on one of the breakwaters, and use the dingy to get to shore.

Got to bed about midnight.

Monday, April 22, 2002

Sailing, Day 3

Very windy, gale force winds, boating not recommended, but we're brave sailors, and went out anyway. Left about 10:00 AM. Huge swells, crashing waves on the ocean. We all got soaked (especially Don, the skipper).

Pulled into Agamemnon Channel about noon, to get out the crashing waves, and let our weary bodies rest. Motored to Jervis Inlet (which connects up to Agamemnon Channel), and docked at Saltery Bay ferry terminal. We were hoping to find food here, but nothing. Just a vending machine at the ferry terminal with chips and chocolate bars. So, we made omelets for supper, and listened to the forecast on the radio (gale force winds dying down in the middle of the night), so we decided to stay here for the night.

Ian and I walked up to Saltery Bay Provincial Park, one km. away . Nice little park, and they have a 9 foot bronze statue in Mermaid Cove, for divers to go experience. Apparently there's lots of marine life growing on and around the statue. There was a couple of guys there getting their diving stuff on, ready to go down and see it. The one guy said he dove it once before, but doesn't remember what it. He then added that he used to drink a lot more too.

Played Trivial Pursuit (without Don). Ian won.

Sunday, April 21, 2002

Sailing, Day 2

Had breakfast at Molly's Reach. Of course, lots of Beachcombers paraphenalia (sp?) in side. Not a great breakfast, but not bad either. On the walk back from Milly's Reach, Andrew "twisted" his foot while walking...dunno how, it just sort of happened.

Sailed out about 10:00 AM.

Great winds for sailing, made lots of progress. Cool and cloudy most of the day, but got sunny later in the afternoon.

Stopped at Secret Cove about 4:00PM. Quaint little place. There's no meat on the boat (I'm a carnivore), so Ian, Don, and Andrew had a "vegetarian" supper, I decided to wait and eat at the Jolly Roger Pub, when Ian and I went to the Jolly Roger pub to watch the Vancouver hockey game. On the say back from the pub, we got lost (missed our turn), and walked for about 10 minutes before realizing we were going the wrong way!

Saturday, April 20, 2002

Sailing, Day 1

I flew out to Vancouver, and Don picked me up at the airport. We made a pit stop at Ikea for a mat for the boat, before heading out to Coopers Boating. It's located on Granville Island, a great market area, not unlike the Forks in Winnipeg, or whatsitcalled in downtown Calgary.

Coopers Boating didn't have the boat ready until about 4:00, so we didn't actually get to leave until about 4:30. Motored all the way to Gibsons, because of lack of wind, and also darkness was setting.

ATe supper at Gramma's Pub, and saw the "famous" Molly's Reach restaurant. Molly's Reach, for those non-Canadians is the restaurant in the long-running CBC drama, Beachcombers, which, sadly, CBC cancelled after 20 years. Great show, and very much a surprise to actually see it in real life. And to think, the only reason we saw it was because Coopers Boating didn't have the boat ready for sailing early Saturday.

Weather is cool today.

Wednesday, April 03, 2002