Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Going Home

Up at 7:00. Had an ok sleep, but this guest house doesn't provide any sheets or blankets, so I used my silk sleeping sheet and two towels, but was a little cold with the A/C. So much for treating myself!

I went for breakfafst at 8:00, used internet and did some more shopping.

Not to be completely outdone by Coke, Pepsi has "sponsored" the road next to Koh San Road (the road with the Viengtai Hotel). It's plastered with Pepsi banners.

I stopped at a 7/11 to buy some Sangsom (nasty Thai whiskey). Erin and I want to drink buckets at Courtney and Chris's reception in May, so I needed to bring back some Sangom and Thai Red Bull (which is way stronger than the lame Canadian Red Bull). It was funny, because 7/11 isn't supposed to sell alcohol until after 5:00pm, so when I asked for it, she grabbed the bottles, and kept looking around to make sure no one (the law) was around, and hid them close to her, then quickly stuffed them inside a bag I already had. She was totally afraid of getting caught. I paid, and as I was walking out of 7/11, a cop was just coming in! We were probably 15 seconds away from being busted!

As I was walking back to my room, I walked by a restaurant, and a girl working in the restaurant had a bucket filled with water. As I walked by, she splashed a little bit on me, smiling. She's getting ready for Songkram. A short bit later, ran into another small Songkram parade, where they were handing out different pamphlets about Songkram.

Caught a noon mini-bus to the airport (150 baht). Checked my bags, and got through customs fairly quickly, and had lots of time before my flight. Went to Burger King and then had a dessert and a mocha at another place.

On the flight from Bangkok to Taipei, watched "I Am Legend". Frickin awesome movie!

Had a 2 hour layover in Taipei.

On the Taipei to Vancouver let, watched "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street", a really bizarre musical and very dark comedy starring Johnny Depp and Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat).

In Vancouver, I had 1.5 hours to get to my Air Canada flight. But, it took over 1 hour to get my bag from the baggage claim, and then the line at the Air Canada check-in was soo long, by the time I actually made it, I had missed my flight. There were many others in the same boat as me. I wasn't concerned, it didn't matter to me. The lady booked me on a later flight, so I had over an hour before my new flight. When I was in Taipei, I realized that I have no way to get into my house. I don't have a key to my place, and I didn't know my roommates phone number. So, in Taipei, I used the internet, and sent my roommate an email, asking her leave my door unlocked. However, just as I hit send, the decided to cut the power to the internet computers, and I didn't think the email went. When I got Vancouver, I called my brother (Darren) and told him I needed to stay at his place. A while leater, used an internet station at the Vancouver airport and Nina (roommate) did get my email, and she will leave my door unlocked for me.

From Vancouver to Calgary, watched "Bob Saget: That Ain't Right", Bob Saget doing live stand-up comedy. Because of Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos, I thought he was a clean act, but was I mistaken. He's NASTY! This is dirty stuff, and was shocking to see. But very funny.

Got back to my house about 1:30. When I went to bed, I remember thinking how bizarre it was, last night I was sleeping in a guest house in Bangkok, and here I am now, in my own bed in Calgary. WOW. And two night previous to that, I was sleeping in a beach hut on Koh Tao.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Had a decent sleep on the boat. At one point, a local took up residence on the other side of me and squeezed in. He reeked, so I snuggled up closer to the Canadian girl next to me. She didn't seem to mind. I'd much rather sleep in a dirty bed on a boat, than trying to sleep in a chair on a bus.

Made it to Chumpon around 6:00, taken to the Fame Tours office, then 6 of us were driven in a mini-van to Bangkok, and arrived at Koh San Road around 1:00. Since it's my last night in Thailand, I decided to treat myself to an A/C room at Baan Sabai for 450 baht.

Did some shopping, walked around, had lunch, blah, blah, blah.

In the early afternoon, ran into a couple that were on the mini-bus with me, they were just going to get drunk somewhere. They asked me to join them (she had the hots for me), they'd be somewhere on Koh San Road. So I went to my room, had a shower, dropped off shopping stuff, then back to Koh San Road and looked for them, couldn't find them. Bought pad thai from a street vendor and walked around. Stopped at a street side pub and had a couple of beers.

When we got back to Bangkok, Koh San Road was all plastered with Coke paraphenelia, Coke banners strung all down Koh San Road, huge posters all over. My first reaction, was "WTF, how can Coke has sponsor a street?". Well, the Thai New Year is coming up (April 12-15, 2008), called Songkram. It's also known as the Water Festival. Coke must be a major sponsor. There was a small parade down Koh San Road, with drums, handing out pamphlets about Songkram. Songkram to Thai's is like Christmas or Thanksgiving for us, very much a family oriented affair, where everyone uses water to wash away bad luck from their friends and families. It apparently goes quite a bit beyond that, and turns into a big water fight, people splashing and throwing water on everyone around them. I totally wish I could've stayed for this festival.

Went to bed around 10:00.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Leaving Kok Tao

Crappy sleep. No fan, no wind coming in through the window, the mosquitos were relentless, even though I had a mosquito net up. Woke about 2:00am, itching all over. Climbed completely into my silk sleeping sheet and tried that. It kept mosquitos off, but the stifling heat inside the sheet with no air movement meant I sweated and sweated. After a while, moved out to my hammock on the verandah and covered myself with my sarong. Better, and there's a bit of a breeze being outside, but sleeping in a hammock is not comfortable. AFter a bit and a sore back, moved back inside and left my door wide open, pulled the sleeping sheet up to my waist and used the sarong to cover the upper part of my body. I found a bit of peace, as there was a very slight breeze coming through the door periodically, and the sarong is not as hot as the sleeping sheet.

Woke up around 7:30, packed, checked out and took my bag to the travel agent, then rented a motorbike.

Zipped out to the west end of the island, Tanote Bay and Au Lek. Beach at Tanote Bay sucked, Au Leuk is a private beach, but walked in anyway, and it appeared to suck too. Went to Sairee and walked around and had lunch.

But some funny t-shirts. I was going to buy more t-shirts back in Bangkok, but they have tons more here that I never saw in Bangkok.

Later in the day, went to another beach at Shark Bay. Along the road, I saw dozens and dozens of motorcycles parked all over. Curious, I checked it out and found out where all the tourists go....very nice beach.

I took the bike back at 6:30, and buddy that ran the motorbike place had gone home for the day, buddy #2, who sells the gasoline, told me. I told him I need to return the bike, and get my passport, as I have a boat to catch at 11:00. So he told me to come back in 30 minutes. Always trustful of the locals that they'll do the right thing and everything will work out, I took his word. I left the bike there, but kept the key, and headed off to use the internet and came back at 7:00. All the bikes were now behind the rain shield, and buddy #2, gasoline buddy, wasn't around either. A guy across the street, at the mini-mart told me to wait a few minutes, so I sat down. Sure enough, buddy #2, gasoline buddy, came along a few minutes later with my passport, and I paid for the bike. It's amazing how the locals always make things work out.

Walked back to the travel agent and got the 7:30 transfer to the pier and dropped my bag on the boat. The boat doesn't leave until 11:00. The boat is a dive, definately not designed for passengers, but they have a large area where they have built bunk beds out of wood. Along the floor of both sides, and on the upper bunk, are dirty, thin matresses with pillows and blankets. A few Thai people are already staking claims to matresses, but most of them are still available. I headed to a restaurant for pizza. Mai Haad, the town where the pier is, is pretty dark because there's still no power on the island. Some of the restaurants have generators. Back to the boat at 9:00, and three Canadian girls had taken up residence on the upper bunk, where the windows are and the ceiling fans are most effective. I took a spot beside the girls. We talked a bit (where are you from, etc.), then the girls moved their big backpacks up onto the bunk, building a wall between themselves and me. One of the girls remarked that they weren't actually building a wall between them and me, even if it looked like that! As the evening wore on, more and more people came in looking for bunks. The three girls with their backpacks were taking up well over half of the whole top bunk for themselves, leaving everyone else to squish together. Finally, they were told to get their backpacks down, and the girls closest to me asked me to move next to her, because she knew me better than anyone else. Haha. I moved over towards her and more people took up the space I just vacated.

In the middle of the night, I woke up and another local, was trying to squeeze in on the other side of me, as there was a bit of space between me and another guy. He reeked terribly, so I turned around and snuggled up to the Canadian girl to avoid the stench, which worked. And she didn't seem to mind.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Nothing Day

Up about 8:30, took my time getting up. It rained last night and it's still cloudy this morning. Walked to Chalok Baan and had a great American breakfast for way cheaper than what Moondance does. At Moondance, they have cheap bungalows, but try to get you on other things like expensive restaurant and charging more for laundry and stuff. Used the internet, browsed a book store and bought a night boat and bus ticket back to Bangkok for tomorrow night. Boohoo, it's almost over!

Back to the bungalow, Carolina was sunbathing, Fredericko wasn't around. I decided to go snorkeling, Carolina kept looking at me and smiling. She has the hots for me. As I was snorkeling, Carolina grabbed her snorkeling gear and swam out and waved at me under the water. We snorkeled together for a while, I took her over to where I saw a big fish earlier, but couldn't find it. We swam to shore a bit down from the our beach and talked a bit more. I asked her where Fredericko was, she said he was up at the hut reading, he's not a big sun person. Then more snorkeling, she would sometimes swim away from me, then come back to me, presumably because her b/f could see us. Haha. After we finished snorkeling, she went back to her towel, and I stayed in the shallow water a short distance away, soaking it up. It's so warm. She casually meandered over, and kept looking up at their bungalow, then sat down beside me and we talked some more. She's sooo hot, and I told her so.

It was around noonish or 1:00, getting super hot, she decided to get out of the sun for a bit, but we made a snorkeling date for later in the afternoon to go swim around a small point between Moondance and the next bungalow over, as we've seen lots of other people snorkeling around there.

I decided to go rock climbing on some of the huge boulders near our beach, and got up really high, then it started to rain, so had to get down before the rocks became all slippery.

Carolina and Fredericko took off for lunch, and I finished the book I was reading, "The Golden Compass", by Philip Pullman. It's book one of a trilogy. They made a movie of it late last year, and a week or two before the movie came out, the Catholic school board in Calgary announced that they were pulling the whole trilogy from all the schools libraries, because it was anti-Catholic, against the Church and promoting atheism of some such thing. Yet the book is quite old, came out in 1995 and has been in the libraries since then. I saw the movie, and didn't understand what all the fuss was about. However, the book ends quite differently than the movie, and I can now understand why the Catholic church is so upset!!! Very good read. Now, I need to find book two.

The power went out on the island of Koh Tao today. Only places that have generators have power. Moondance is not one of those places. I hope it comes back on soon, not having a fan is gonna suck.

Went to a restaurant, Taraporn, for supper, then browsed a store that sells everything, including books, and found book two of the trilogy, "The Subtle Knife".

Ran into Carolina and Fredericko, they were just sitting down to have a supper, so I joined them and had a beer. Carolina is very non-chalant with me when Fredericko is around, she doesn't give anything away. I then went to Bubaloo Bar for a couple, and when I was there, two girls came up to the bar and one of them ordered a Chang. I made a remark that Chang is bad, and the other girl backed me up on that. Then the bartender started talking about he loves Chang because of the way it makes him feel...drunk and hungover. Haha.

I then back to the bunglows, and still no power. Tonight is gonna suck.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Snorkelling Tour Around Koh Tao

Up at 7:00, got my laundry, then walked to Chalok Baan and had breakfast at a cafe, then waited for the snorkelling pickup at the travel agent.

I got to the AC Tours office and got my snorkelling equipment. This tour is run by Philip, an English guy who's been living on Koh Tao for more than a decade. There's about 24 of us on the tour, 15 or so tourists and a bunch of Thai's. Apparently it's a Thai holiday today, so the Thai's are out in full force. We got to the "big" boat and our first stop was Shark Bay to see black-tipped reef sharks. I saw a few of them, including one 5-6 feet. Then we made three other stops (Au Leuk, Mango Bay and another one I can't remember), then to Nangyuan Island, a national park. It's actually three separate islands connected by a sandy spit of white sand. Of course, there's a resort there, and a restaurant and stuff, and it's chock full of tourists, but still very spectacular. I climbed up to a viewpoint for a great view of the island and the sand spit. We also got lunch served to us after our second snorkelling stop, rice and chicken, plain, but tasty.

When we got to the AC Tours office and walked to the beach, there was a very friendly dog that liked to run out into the ocean, get all wet, then come back and rub against everyone or shake himself near everyone. Then he would run back out into the ocean, swim around, then roll around in the sand get covered in sand, then wanted to be friendly with us again. It was pretty funny. If he spotted a plastic bottle floating in the ocean, he's swim out and get it and bring it back to shore.

I didn't like the boat, however. It was too small, compared to all the other boats doing similar snorkelling trips around the island. This boat was just a single deck, and hard to maneuver around, not much space, because of the people. All the other snorkelling boats were quite a bit bigger, and had an upper sundeck on them as well. Oh well, next time I'll know.

Got back to the hut about 5:00, chatted with Carolina and Fredericko and wrote in journal.

Around 6:30, walked to Sairee beach and had a fish BBQ at one of the big restaurants that line the beach and watched a football (soccer) match with all the Brits in the restaurant. Of course, they all cheered or jeered when goals were scored.

Walked along the beach to see if any big parties were happening (no), but a number of mellow beach bars had customers. Then walked by Whitening, a bar we went to five years ago, where Anna (a Brit girl we were travelling with for a bit at the time) passed out on the sand. We had tried to wake her up to come back with us, but she wasn't interested, so we left her.

Walked back to the hut, stopped at Bubaloo for a couple of Singha's and watched an excellent fire show, then back to the hut about 11:30.

So Beautiful!

Up about 7:30, had breakfast around 8:00, gave them laundry, lounged, went to town (Chalok Baan), used internet, updated online journal. Checked out some snorkelling trips for tomorrow.

Back to the hut, read, and a guy and a girl came to the bungalows with their backpacks. I was on the van with them in Chumpon, when we were going to the boat. A while later, she was on the beach, sunbathing and swimming, and the guy was lounging in a hammock near the restaurant. She kept giving me the eyes and smiling, and I noticed her noticing me and she noticed me noticing her. She went for another swim, I decided to go and swim too, and when she saw me coming, she gave me a big smile. She went back to shore. She was sooooo beautiful. I had to go talk to her. Carolina is her name, from Argentina. I was hoping the guy was a just a friend, but alas, he's her boyfriend. We talked for quite a bit, and she invited me join them when they go to the main beach on the island, Sairee Beach, later in the day. I said "Sure, if you don't mind", and she's like, "Please, come with us. It's nice to have someone else to talk to, when you've been travelling with the same person for so long." Haha. His name is Fredericko.

I had lunch, then went to buy a ticket for a snorkelling trip for tomorrow, then back to the hut and around 3:00, the three of us walked to Sairee beach, my old stomping grounds 5 years ago. We went for a swim, walked around, I recognized a few places, Scuba Junction, where Court and I did our Advanced Open Water, and the massage place where I had my first (and only) Thai massage. We stopped at a beach bar for a couple of drinks, walked around, then Carolina had to go pee really bad, so she went in the ocean, then we went to a restaurant for supper. I recognized it, we ate there 5 years ago. As we walked, various other places looked familiar.

About 8:15, we walked back to the hut, stopped at Bubaloo Bar for another drink, then made it to bed about 10:00ish. I drank Changs again, because Carolina is a beer drinker, Fredericko is not, so Carolina and me split large Changs all night long. But didn't experience the Chang effect this time.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Koh Tao

Up at 5:30, laid in bed, got up at 5:45 and at 5:50, Suda knocked on my door, the van was here already. Me and two others went to the train station, waited for a while, but didn't pick anyone up, then we picked up more people from other guest houses, then off to the boat, which left at 7:00.

Uneventful boat trip, about 3 hours. On the boat, talked to one of the touts, told him I wanted to stay on one of the south beaches for cheap, he pointed out some cheap bungalows on my map. He told me to either take a boat taxi or get a regular taxi to Chalok Ban and then walk, about 20 minutes. Many of the bungalows on Koh Tao are associated with dive operations and only divers get to stay there.

Got off the boat and a taxi tout asked me where I wanted to go, I told him June Juea Beach, he pointed me to a water taxi guy. 300 baht for me alone, but he tried to find others going there too. Alas, no one else wanted to go there, so he did drop the price to 250 baht, though.

As we were coming to June Juea Beach, his motor made a funny noise and then conked out. He lifted it up and he had got a rope all tangled up in it. "Oooh!", he said. He used a long pole to push the boat to shore, I paid him, then he grabbed a bunch of tools from the bungalow and worked at getting the rope free from around his propeller.

I checked in to Moondance Bungalows, 200 baht a night. Simple hut with a bed and bath, right on the beach. The beach here is very secluded, sandy with big boulders on it.

Decided to try to walk to Chalok Baan Beach, and took a wrong turn. I ended up walking up the side of a mountain and down the other side in the blazing noon sun. I don't think I sweated so much in my entire life. Eventually made it to the main road quite a ways up from the beach, so had to walk back down to the actual beach front area. Koh Tao is very beautiful.

Had lunch, then found a proper path back to the bungalow, only a 20 minute walk. Doh! This path goes through a bunch of other bungalow operations before arriving at Moondance.

Along the way, stopped at Viewpoint Resort to inquire about bungalow pricing, as the map guide said it was budget. When I was there, ran into Sabrina, who was one of the dive masters on my Similan Islands boat. She was talking a little holiday with her parents, who came over from Germany. Viewpoint has bungalows for 250 baht, much closer to Chalok Baan, but they're full, and don't know if they'll be full tomorrow night. I have to come back tomorrow morning and find out.

Went back to bungalow, went for a swim, lounged in my hammock, wrote in journal. So hot today.

Two hot girls came along with a Thai guy and some camera's. He started doing a photoshoot of the girls. They must be models! My bungalow is the first one, and closest to the beach, perfectly situated. The other bungalows are further up the high ridge behind the beach. As they were taking pictures, posing on rocks and in the water, the photographer telling them what to do, I decided to go snorkelling. One of the girls was looking at me a bit, so when the photographer was off taking pictures of the other girls bum, I went and asked the other girl if she was a model. She laughed. She was travelling alone and she wanted to have some pictures of herself. They found this Thai guy who does it as a hobby. The photographer came back and politely told me to get lost, and that I can talk later.

Did some more snorkelling, never did get a chance to talk to her again.

Walked back to Chalok Baan, the main "town" in the south and used the internet, then went for supper at Ricky's, had a large Chang beer and burger, then went to Bubaloo Bar, a beach bar on the way back to my hut. Sat down and had a large Chang beer. Bar was dead, just a french girl and a Thai guy working. She said everyone was at Mae Haad, the main town and where the main pier is. There's apparently a big party there, a new bar has opened up. After a bit, a number of other people showed up, but they were all together, a diving group or something.

Feeling quite drunk for some reason, I headed back to the bungalows around 9:00 or 10:00, I don't even know. I laid in bed, and the whole room was spinning, like I'd been drinking all night long. I've experienced the Chang effect. I've been told that many locals don't drink Chang because there's not much quality control on them, and you nerver know what you're getting in it and it can screw you up. No more Changs for me!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Up at 6:30, laid in bed until 6:55, dressed and paid my bill and walked to the street to the catch blue taxi #6. One came a few minutes later. A man driving and a little girl, presumably his daughter, was sitting in the passenger seat. I said "Bus station?", and the little girl gave me two big thumbs up and said "Yeah!". Haha. I hopped in the back, and he meandered along numerous back streets, picking up and dropping off other passengers. After about 20 minutes, we made it to the bus terminal and the little girl turned to me and said "Bus station for you!" and pointed across the street to it. I paid the fare (11 baht!) and walked to the bus terminal and got a ticket for the next mini-van to Chumpon, leaving at 8:00.

Left at 8:00, and the van filled up quickly, a smelly older Thai lady next to me. I'm sure I didn't smell that great either, though, and it was a hot ride, as I was sitting on the side with the sun for most of the trip.

Got to Chumpon about 10:30 or 11:00, went to Suda Guest House, recommended by Let's Go. They were full, but she said she has another place close by, cheaper. Then she was thinking and said that she wants me to stay at her place, and decided to bump another couple to the other guest house. Haha. But, she told me, I could only stay one night.

I showered and went for lunch and decided to go to Koh Tao tomorrow, since I couldn't have the room for tomorrow night. I also inquired about a rain forest trek my book talked about, but because it's dry season, it's not happening. Booked ticket for the boat. I have to be up at 6:00am tomorrow morning.

Rented a motorbicycle and went out to Hat Thung Wua Laen to see the beach. Not great, but as I was walking along the beach, a Thai guy invited me over to have some beer with him and the rest of his family and/or friends. He had a 12 pack of large Chang beers, and him and two other guys and two women were sitting down on the mats, while all their kids were all playing in the ocean, having fun. None of them really spoke english (just some basics, where you from, where you go, etc.) and of course I didn't speak Thai, so not a lot was said. They had food laid out on the mats as well. It was fun, I stayed for about an hour, but had to start refusing more beer, because I had to drive back to Chumpon on the motorbike.

Got back to the guest house about 4:30 and went to Fame restaurant, a place totally catering to tourists and had an iced coffee and wrote in my journal. A girl sitting at the table next to me used a great pickup line on me: "Excuse me. Can I have your orchid?" I chuckled and said sure, and asked why. She wanted to draw it. She likes drawing flowers, especially orchids, and I had got one in my iced coffee. Megan is her name, she is from England, close to the Scottish border, so has a hint of a Scottish accent. We talked for quite a while, and decided to go to the night market. I first headed back to my room and had a shower, all sweaty from being in the sun, and then went back to the restaurant and we headed to the night market. Walked around, had a bite to eat, then back to the restaurant. She is catching the night boat to Koh Tao, she fell in love with Koh Tao and spent many weeks there. She then headed up north (Chaing Mai), but lasted only a week, and wanted to go back to Koh Tao.

Anyway, she suggested to me where to stay and told me about some of her hangouts, so we may run into each other. While she waited for her boat, she tried to teach me how to juggle and how to swing poi's

About 10:00, I headed back to my room, I have to get up really early and catch a 6:00am bus to the ferry.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ranong - Fishing Town

Woke up about 7:00, lounged and went for breakfast about 8:00. Didn't do much today, packed and read while we waited for the 1:30 boat back to Ranong. Paid our bills at the bungalows.

The boat came around about 2:00. Mrs. Lek gave each of us a big hug, she's so friendly.

We got back to Ranong about 3:15.

Ranong is totally a fishing village. As you come in along the river, there are hundreds and hundreds of fishing boats, and businesses and industries that cater to the fishing industry all have buildings along the river. Naturally, the whole town smells of fish.

I checked back into Blue Crab Resort, the same place we went when we were heading out to Koh Chang. I was able to get a cheapo room this time, 250 baht. Alexa and Katrin are taking a night bus to Bangkok, then going their separate ways as well. They met on the dive boat, didn't know each other before that.

We used the internet for a couple of hours, it's so cheap at this internet place, 15 baht for one hour. Normally you'd pay 40-60 baht for an hour in a more touristy place. All the local kids come and play Counterstrike or other games at this internet shop too, and they pound on the space bars while playing. None of the space bars work, and it's frustrating to keep having to backspace and smash the space bar to get spaces.

Katrin has been living and working in Bangkok for 3.5 years with Siemens. She was working on a project, but it's finished now, so her job is done. She's doing some travelling, then heading back to Germany. She speaks some Thai.

Alexa is in between studies. She was born in northern Italy, her dad is German, mom is Austrian, so she carries both Austrian and German passports, but makes Austria her home right now. In the summer months, she takes American kids around Europe. While I was travelling with her, she received the details on this summers travels with the kids, so was busy trying to book flights to the start of that trip.

After internet, we walked back to the Blue Crab, Alexa showered in my room, me and Katrin had a drink outside, Alexa joined us a bit later. About 6:00, went to a small restaurant and had supper. Shortly after 7:00, I walked with them to the taxi stand (bus stand) and saw them off.

I went back to the internet, hoping to find a computer with a space bar that worked, but couldn't. Back to the guest house and inquired about the bus to Chumpon. It's at 8:00 tomorrow morning, and he gave me instructions on how to get to the bus terminal. Pretty much go to the same taxi stand that Alexa and Katrin waited at and get blue taxi #6. Incidentally, a taxi here is really a bus, which isn't a bus, but a songthaew, a pickup with two rows of seats along the bed. Alexa told me the songthaew takes its time, so make sure I leave early.

I went back to my room, watched some Thai Animal Planet on the TV, then fell asleep.

And, hey, it's April Fools Day. Just wanted everyone to remember the ultimate April Fools joke I played 5 years ago, when I was travelling in Vietnam.