Saturday, March 29, 2008

Koh Chang

Up at 7:30, showered, and met girls in the bungalow restaurant at 8:00am. We walked to the pier, 2 minutes from the bungalow, about 9:00, and bought a ticket to Koh Chang. The long tail boat leaves at 9:30, and takes about 1.5 hours. On the boat, one of the local women started talking to Alexa, telling her she had a bungalow on the island. We got off with her, at what we thought was the main beach, and checked out her bungalows, but they only had expensive ones left. We walked down the beach to Sunset Bungalows. I took a bungalow for 200 baht, Alexa and Katrin took one for 300 baht. There's is on the beach, mine is perhaps 20 metres back in the trees. The whole bungalow operation is set amongst cashewnut trees, and shaded really well. Very nice.

We had lunch and a beer,then walked along the beach and around the headland to another small beach. Along the way, we stopped for a shake at Air Bar. Then we walked back, a long walk, and got back about 5:00pm.

Alexa and I had a beer and talked, then showered and generally hung out.

The lady who runs the bungalow, Mrs. Lek, is awesome. She's sooo friendly and funny.

We had supper, and storm clouds started rolling in. After supper, we sat on the beach and watched the light show, but no thunder and no rain, just lightning all over the sky.

Went to bed with the low rumble of distant thunder.

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