Friday, March 01, 2002

First Two Days

Today is Friday, March 1, 2002, our first full day. It's about 9:00PM, we're in downtown Cancun right now.

Well,we arrived in Cancun in one piece, nothing too special about the flight. Once in Cancun, we were "abducted" by a guy who we thought was a tourist helper guy, and he coerced us into going to another hotel to "look at" their features...ended up being a time share offer, which wasted about three hours of our time this morning. We ended up getting a couple of cheap tours of Chichen Itza and Xcaret out of it (half the regular price), so it wasn't all bad.

Lisa's is raging because the airport authorities in Regina confiscated her nail scissors!!! She won't stop talking about it, keeps cussing about it!

The weather was really crappy. Rained and windy all day yesterday. Today was pretty nice though, mostly sunny, with a few cloudy periods. It sure is humid, though, everything is just soaking wet!

Cancun seems like a really rundown place to us. Driving from the airport to the hotel, everything just seemed to be rundown, and not very new.

Pina Colada's are excellent. Lisa still can't believe that we can sit down and eat and drink as much as we want, and walk away without paying.

After our timeshare thing this morning, we sat on the beach, and I did a little bit of snorkeling. Very nice day, not too windy at our resort. At this timeshare resort, the waves and wind were just a blowing, though. Calinda Beach seems to be in a good location for not having a lot of wind.

While were sunbathing, a bird crapped on Lisa's leg! HAHAHAHA!!!! It was a yucky green colour (I got a picture!). A little while later, another bird (seagulls) crapped on some other girl's shirt. (Big Mess!!!!)

Lisa got her hair braided today (sorry Nancy, I'm not gonna get that picture you wanted!) It looks very nice.

For supper,we decided to take the bus to downtown Cancun, and stopped in the flea market district, and shopped for a while. This is THE place to wheel and deal. I got a pair of Oakley sunglasses $30.00. I'm mad, because I know I could've got them a lot cheaper had I bartered better. (HAHA)

As we were getting on the bus at the hotel to come to downtown, firetruck after firetruck came screaming down the road. We could smell and see smoke in the air. Lots of ambulances and police cars too. Don't know what was on fire...maybe it was the timeshare piece of crap we visited earlier! :-)

Anyway, we stopped at a small open-air restaurant called The Fisherman. Lisa had lobster, and I had a filet mignon. Both were excellent. Well worth the trip. For those who have been to Europe, this restaurant reminded me of all the small, open-air restaurants all through Europe. We saw some authentic serenade, by two guys playing guitars, and singing to another couple...both guys. Go figure. They were very good, though.

Lisa took pity on a young girl selling little trinkets. She had a baby slinged across her back, and Lisa's heart broke when she saw the baby. She ended up buying two small purses from her.

Tomorrow we're off to Chichen Itza, gotta get on the bus at 7:00AM.

I've learned that Lisa snores, and she's definately not a morning person! I didn't get much sleep last night!

Buses are fun...they're really rundown, but fun! Only 5 pesos's, you can ride as far as you want! Buses come, like every 30 seconds of Moose Jaw should take note!

Lisa wants to go to City Hall, and see what they have there.

Having a blast, gotta go!!! Don't know when the next update will be, not too many internet places around the hotel.