Friday, May 18, 2001


I had the BEST breakfast I've had during my entire stay in Europe this morning. There's a McDonalds near the train station (which is right near our hotel) that advertises American Breakfasts. the McDonalds in Europe don't serve breakfast, except for some disgusting thing called a McToast. I was praying they had Sausage and Egg McMuffins, and they DID!! Mmmm, was it ever good. They had the entire American McDonalds line of breakfast, including pancakes. Pancakes must be a North American phenomenon, never seen them over here at all.

Took subway to the Capitolioni (?) musem, and toured it. They have lots of Roman atiquities (sculptures, paintings and the like). It was pretty cool, but getting sick of seeing old stuff.

Went and saw the remains of Circus Maximus (that's where the chariot races in Ben Hur took place). All it is right now is a big open grass field, nothing left. At least they didn't build apartments or something overtop of it.

Walked through Ancient Rome once more. This is still astounding. A must see.

Had a lunch/supper at a Chinese Restaurant.

We are all worn out, and are sick of seeing things, so we decided to head to the airport, even though our flight doesn't leave for more than 12 hours yet. We left our baggage at a baggage depot place, and we'll pick it up tomorrow morning (5:00am or so, or flight leaves at 6:40am).

A funny story about getting to the airport. We bought tickets for the 4:21 train, and Ryan was off somewhere buying yet another coke (he needs help). Well, we're waiting for him, and waiting, and waiting, and we only have, like 6 minutes before the train leaves, and the track is a million miles away, and we have to walk to it. I'm pushing Ryan to get hurry up, get his stuff and lets go. We're almost running, Ryan is fading. Well, we didn't make it in time, the train left. The guy there indicated it was no problem for us to take the next train (in 30 minutes). Ryan finally makes it, heaving and sweating. He makes a remark about he thought he was gonna have a heart attack, and no train was worth that, that's why he slowed down.

I sit at the airport right now, they have an internet place, so perhaps I'll play on the internet later this evening as well. Anyone that wants to e-mail me, please do! Put me out of my boredom!!!

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