Thursday, May 03, 2001


Went on a boat tour last night on the canals. Kind of lame, but it was OK, I guess. Me, Neil and Ryan came back to the hostel and Dave went "touring" around Amsterdam after that.

This morning, had breakfast at the hostel. A decent breakfast, had lots of different stuff to eat.

Walked to the Heineken Beer Museum, but it was closed for renovations. YAWN!

Ran into a diamond cutting factory that had free tours, so we took one. YAWN!!

Went to the Van Gogh Museum. YAWN!!!

Walked down to the harbour (took us a long time!), and went to the Sheepvaaer Museum, a historical naval museum. This was pretty interesting.

Then went to the Red Light District and went to the Erotic Museum. This was certainly different.

Did a quick walk through of the Red Light District. The girls sit in windows and try to entice customers to join them. Very different. Most of the women were FAT and ugly. In this one building, there was this fat chick, and this guy was standing outside on the sidewalk looking at her. She started motioning him to come in and join her. He's, like, "No way", then she indicates he can join her and another fatty in the next window, and once again, he declines. She starts asking why, and he points to her and the other girl, and spreads his arms wide, to indicate they're fat, that's why. She starts making all kinds of rude gestures, and grabs her boobs as if to indicate, she thinks she's sexy, and to take a look at what he's missing out on. It was quite humourous (she was having a good time reeming him out too), and she certainly put him in his place.

It's supper as I write this, we're going to a floating Chinese restaurant in the harbour for supper, we're just waiting for a response from 3 other Canadians we met in Brugges, who are in Amsterdam at another hostel to see if they want to join us for supper.

Tonight, we're going back to the Red Light District, I guess it gets REALLY busy after sundown, so it should be interesting.

By the way, I should note that you can smell the "aroma" of marijuana all over Belgium, especially in the Red Light district. It's "legal" to have up to 5 grams of pot or hash in Amsterdam, and you can buy it (and magic mushrooms too, even though that's illegal in Amsterdam) at any coffee shop. It certainly is very different. I didn't expect this "underground" world of Amsterdam to be so available, but it is. It's VERY available, you can get whatever you want here, without any problems (not that I know from direct experience, of course), but coffee shops ADVERTISE the fact that they have mushrooms and pot for sale.

Till later.

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