Monday, May 07, 2001


We couldn't get a hostel last night because they were all full, but we managed to find a hotel that had 2-two bed rooms for 50 DM per night (about $35 CDN), and that included a breakfast, so that was OK. It was right across from the train station too. Small rooms, but what do we care.

There's also an interent store right across the street from the train station. They sell internet access dirt cheap: 83 minutes for 5 DM. We were paying 1 DM for 1 minute at the hostels!

We went to the Deutches Museum today, a museum of science and technology. It's HUGE, and has sections covering every science and technology imaginable. It took us all day to go through it, and that was rushing through a lot of the sections. Definately a must see if anyone is in Munich.

Went to the Hofbrauhaus Am Platyl for supper ( They serve BIG beers, in one litre mugs, and Ryan wanted one. And then another. Then, an old German guy from another table came over and talked to us in his broken english, wondering where we were from...he had a hard time saying Saskatchewan. Ryan eventually joined them, and kept drinking, then us 3 joined them, and they bought us shooters, and Ryan kept drinking. And then he kept drinking some more! They eventually left, so we went downstairs to the actual traditional beer house. Talk about cool. I really liked this, and took a few pictures of what's it's like. They had a band playing Bavarian music, people banging their mugs on the wooden tables, and dancing, the waiters/waitresses dressed in the traditional garb. Very cool.

Ryan ordered another 1 litre beer, and finished about 1/10th of it, and ended up passing out. Got lots of pictures of this too!!! He is gonna have such a hangover tomorrow, it's soo funny. Even our waiter was laughing at him, and the waiter took a picture of him with my camera too.

We eventually had to take Ryan home, and got Ryan back to the hostel about midnight. As I write this, Ryan is sitting on a chair in front of the sink in the hotel room, spitting in the sink, drinking water. Hangover city!!!

Munich is a very nice city. Very clean, and I do like it a lot. Definately a must visit for anyone.

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