Sunday, May 06, 2001


The hostel last night had Internet, but it didn' render Live Journal correctly, so I couldn't update the journal.

Anyway, got up and headed to the train station on our way to Munich. We had to switch trains at Dresden. Berlin to Dresden was a couple of hours, Dresden to Munich is a 7 hour, 20 minute train ride. We originally planned to take a night train to Munich, but the other guys didn't like the idea of another night train. Plus, according to Mr. Timetable (i.e. Ryan), we are a day ahead of schedule, so by taking the day train, we'd kill a day travelling, and we'd be back on schedule!!! What would we do without him!

Since there's nothing really interesting about today, I'll entertain you with a couple of stores about Ryan and his "organization". In Brugge, a bunch of us were sitting around the hostel, and someone was talking about something they had seen on a tour, and Ryan wanted to know every detail about the tour, the time it left, how long it was, exactly what they saw, how much, everything. Michelle, watching Ryan in action, remarked to all of us, "Geeze, Ryan, you're way to organized!", at which point, me, Dave and Neil burst out laughing, then Ryan, looks up and wonders what everyone is laughing about. Even people who don't even know Ryan can see that he's trying to be too organized. Anyway, fast forward a day or two. At the Hard Rock Cafe, Michelle has a paper journal, and she pulled it out to show us a picture of something they saw earlier in the day. The journal was very neat and orderly. Ryan remarked that she's way to organized. Of course, everyone at the table roars out laughing, because it's the king of organization making the remark. Hmm, that didn't sound funny as I typed it in, I guess you had to be there.

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