Wednesday, May 16, 2001


Well, the pub crawl! It was a lot of fun, actually. We had some Canadians on it, some Americans, the two organizing it were from Denmark and Nigeria (or somewhere in Africa, I forget now). From 8-9, we get to drink all the beer and/or wine we want in a park (it's legal to drink beer on the streets in Rome), then at 9:00, we caught the bus to the first bar. We used public transit, and you're allowed to drink beer on the busses as well. At each bar you get a free shooter. I don't know what the shooters were, but they weren't gross or anything. AFter the first bar, we walk to each successive bar. At the third bar, the pub crawl guy dumps the alcohol right down your throat from the bottle. No choices here! At the fourth, I knew I had had enough, and passed my shooter onto some girl. At this point, I was drunk, and my stomach was feeling a little queezy, so I knew I had to stop. So, at the fifth, the shooter is administered via a water gun (in this case, it'd be an alcohol gun!) He squirts it directly into your mouth. He had too much, so he was giving out seconds in the bar, so I ended up having two shots there.

It ended about midnight, then we all kinda stood outside the bar and "mingled", then about 12:30 or 1:00, Dave and I walked home. Well, if truth be told, I kinda wobbled home, but was OK. We had no idea where we were at the end of the pub crawl, so we just started walking in the direction we thought would be the right direction. AFter about 15 minutes, we spotted the Colliseum about 6 blocks away. Once we made it to the Collisseum, we knew how to get back to the hotel from there. The pub crawl started at the Collisseum. It's cool, how many people can say they drank beer in a park in front of the Collisseum!!!

Dave and I got home abotu 2:00. Ryan and Neil got home about 3:00. I had a very slight headache this morning, but was OK. I'm very tired tonight though, no pub crawl for me! We all got a t-shirt, which is very cool.

We get a discount for each pub crawl we go on, starting with a 5,000 lira, then 10,000, then 15,000, then 20,000 lira. If we do another one, it'll only cost 25,000 lira (the first one cost 30,000 lira). Divide by 1400 to get canadian dollars, I'm too lazy to figure it out right now.

We got up about 8:00 this morning and walked around and did some shopping. Dave bought a $900 CDN leather jacket, and some games. Ryan bought some games and Star Wars stuff.

At 1:30, we went on a walking tour of Ancient Rome. This was very cool! Ancient Rome is buried 25 feet under the earth. If you bulldozed all of Rome and dug 25 feet down, you could discover incredible treasures. You can't believe what they have uncovered now. You've all heard of the Collisseum, which is very impressive by itself. Most of you have probably heard of the Panthen, which is also very impressive. But those just barely scratch the surface of Ancient Rome. They have SO many archeological dig sites and excavations, it blows the mind. There's massive marble pillars laying around the ground everywhere you walk in the Ancient Rome part of the city. Old temples, arches, pillars, shrines, etc, all being dug out, it just blows the mind! All of it, 2000 years old, and they're digging it all up, and restoring it. This was very cool to see this stuff. This is a must see for everyone!

The tour was 3 hours, so we got supper near the Pantheon, then meandered back to the hotel.

When we got to Rome, we were expecting the same chaos as we experienced in Naples. We were in for a surprise. It's very calm and orderly here in Rome. A red light means stop in Rome. You can cross the streets a little more safely, although vehicles still have the right of way here. And very clean as well.

Oh, and the fountains!! They have drinking fountains all over central Rome, coming out of statues and stuff. All the water coming out of these fountains is drinkable, it's all supplied from a spring, and it's cold and good!

We keep running into people we've met earlier as well. We ran into a girl we met in Naples on the subway station today in Ancient Rome. We met an older couple on our tour of Pompei, then ran into them again in Capri. We ran into a bunch of people from our pub crawl last night today. And of course the story of running into Michelle, Colleen and Scott in Berlin.

It really is a small world!!

I think that's it for now. I'm just going my memory for this journal, I don't think I forgot anything!

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