Saturday, May 05, 2001


Got up, had breakfast at the hostel. I've finally succumbed to the sickness the other three had, I woke up with a sore throat this morning. Those bastards!!

Took the tram to the train station, made reservations for a night train to Berlin, then hopped on a train for Den Haag.

Went on a bus tour of Den Haag. It was fairly interesting. Got to see the "jail" where Milosevic will be held when he is on trial for war crimes in Yugoslavia, which was interesting to see.

Headed back to Amsterdam on the train. Walked back to the hostel, collected our backpacks, then trammed it back to the train station. Had Pizza Hut and Burger King combo's for supper, while we waited for our train.

Got on the train, we have a sleeperette, it has 6 bunks (3 on each side) and not much room for anything else. The sleeper cost us 45 gilders (about $30.00 CDN).

Notes about Holland
1. A lot of sheep here!!!
2. Everyone speaks English, which is great! Even the older population, they ALL speak english, and good english too. No one should ever hesitate about coming to Holland because of their language barrier fear, it just doesn't exist here!

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