Monday, May 14, 2001


We went to the island of Capri today. AWESOME! A complete contrast to Naples. Clean, very attractive, and also very pricey. It's a tourist destination, big time. They have beautiful scenery, tons of stuff to see.

We started by having an expensive lunch in the dock area, then we went on a hike to the Natural Arch, an arch in the rocks that was created naturally from erosion, then continued on to a big cavern the ancient Roman's used as a "Nymphaeum", whatever that is. There were some AMAZING views on this hike, it was incredible. As we were standing by the wharf, a guy approached us and asked if we wanted a tour around the island (by boat). You can do this through one of the many tourist places around the wharf, but they use big-ass boats. This guy had a small 25 foot boat, and it was just us 4 and him. He took us to a bunch of the grotto's, essentially caves eroded by the sea water. Some of them are pretty amazing. The last one, for which Capri is famous, is the Blue Grotto. It's an extra charge, you have to get out of the boat, and into a very small row boat, and get taken through the very small opening into the grotto. WOW!!!!! Since the opening is so small, there is no light in there, but you can see the suns rays reflecting in the water in the grotto, and you can't imagine the incredible blue glow the water gives off.

Capri was easily the best part of the trip so far!

Out of curiosity, Dave went into an expensive hotel and asked how much for rooms. The price ranged from 800,000 lira for the low-end rooms, to a high of 1,500,000 lira for the best suite. Divide by 1400 to get Canadian dollars. Very expensive, but it's probably worth it.

We then headed back to the hostel, and had supper at a restaurant near the hostel.

If anyone ever comes to Italy, Capri is a MUST!!!

We leave for Rome tomorrow. We tried to book hostel rooms at the HI hostel, but they are all booked up for the next three nights, so we'll go and see what we can find.


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