Thursday, May 10, 2001


Ryan and Dave got up at 7:30 to go golfing. Neil and I slept in until after 9:00. I didn't intend to sleep that late, I was going to go hiking/walking this morning, but got up too late.

The room at the caslte cost us about 375DM, or about $280.00CDN.

Neil and I just hung out waiting for Dave and Ryan to get back from their golf game. Then we took a taxi back to Ansbach and got on the 1:13 train for Stuttgart. Ryan wants to see the Porsche museum there.

The first week and a half or so just dragged, but the last week and a half just flown by.

And beautiful weather today, warm, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Finally some shorts weather. I just might come back with a tan/burn yet!!

Took the train to Stuttgart to see the Porsche museum. YAWN!! Ryan loves Porches. I'm sure if he could, Ryan would marry a Porsche.

Tried to get a hostel room, but they were all full. So we had supper and decided what we wanted to do. We thought about going to Zurich, Switzerland, and trying to get a room there, but didn't for some reason I can't remember. AFter much humming and hawing, we decided to take a night train to Venice. We had to go from Stuttgart back to Munich, then another train from Munich to Venice. We wanted to take a day train so we could see the Alps. But we might make a day trip from Venice to the Alps. We'll see.

The train from Munich to Venice is a dive...

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