Wednesday, May 09, 2001


The name of the place we stayed at the last two nights was Pension Locarno, just for anyone's information.

After last nights bender, Ryan barfed this morning. He swears he will never drink again. He then amended that statement, indicating he will not drink any more on this trip. He kept claiming last night he WASN'T drunk, but he admitted today he was VERY drunk. It was pretty funny anyway. Will he ever be in for a surprise when he sees the pictures from that night.

Went to Dachau Concentration camp this morning. Very interesting to see how the prisoners lived, the bunkbeds in which they slept, and especially the crematorium and gas chambers.

The weather today is beautiful. Mostly sunny and warm. FINALLY!!

Tonight we sleep in an old castle near Ansbach. We got on a train for Ansback, 1st class as usual. The train car was HOT. When the conductor comes by again, we ask him if he can turn the thermostat down or turn on the A/C. He tells us he can't, the only thing we can do is open the windows. He then tells us we can move to second class, because it IS air conditioned. Everyone else in our car proceeded to move to second class, then we opened up the windows. Go figure...2nd class gets air, first class doesn't.

Had to take a taxi from the train station to the castle. It's about 15 km out of Ansbach, in the town Colmburg. The castle is very cool. Originally built pre-1269, and is still original. Of course, they've renovated a lot of the interior. The castle is called Castle Colmburg.

We ate supper at the castle. I had rumpsteak with pan fried potatoes. It was amazingly good. Best pan fried potatoes I've ever had, and the steak was really good as well. The other guys had cordon blue, because that's the only thing on the menu they could understand, and they didn't want to take the chance.

After supper I walked down to the Cronburg townsite. Nice, quiet town. A lot of townfolk were doing yardwork. Walked for about an hour.

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