Friday, August 15, 2003

Taieri Gorge Railway

Up about 7:45, showered, breakfast (hmm, does it seem like I start my morning off the same way EVERY single day?), then drove to Baldwin Street, getting lost on the way and having to drive for 20km on the "DO NOT STOP"highway before getting an opportunity to turn around. Baldwin Street is in the Guiness book of records for being the steepest street in the world, it is 1 to 2.34 or something like that at it's steppest. I walked up (puffing the whole way), then back down, then drove up and down. I didn't think my poor car was going to make it up!!!

Back to the hostel, had lunch, then walked downtown and took a few pictures of Dunedin. Nice morning, mostly sunny. About noon, went to the train station and got on the train for the trip. The train left at 12:30, the trip was pretty nice, across old bridges high over valleys and gorges and rivers, through tunnels (one being almost 500m long). The trip I took in Alaska was better, though. Got to Pukerangi about 2:45, reaching an elevation of 250m above sea lever. The trip back down was a fair bit faster, because we weren't stopping or slowing down for photo opportunities. Got back about 4:00. When we got back, it was raining in Dunedin.

Walked around downtown for a bit, then back to the hostel to drop off my camera's, then went back downtown to McDonalds for supper, browsed some more, used internet for a bit, then back to the hostel.

Watched "The Beach", never seen it before, pretty bizarre movie. Kind of a backpackers version of "Lord of the Flies". I'll have to check out that beach when I go back to Thailand. Chatted with some persons in the dining room area, then to bed about 11:00.

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