Tuesday, August 12, 2003

My car SUCKS!

Ok, my car sucks! The radio only goes up to 90.0Mhz on the FM tuner! Most of the friggin radio stations are above 90 on the dial! Ugh!!

Up about 8:45, showered, breakfast. The hostel has freshly baked bread in the kitchen every morning!

About 10:00, called Bargain to see if they had tire chains for my vehicle, as I may need them for the mountains. The company doesn't offer tire chains on their vehicles, so I'll just have to wing it.

Then I drove downtown and walked around the Cathedral Square area, where the Christchurch Cathedral is, a huge, gothic cathedral built in 1865. Quite amazing. Walked around the area for a couple of hours, and found a New Zealand Natural store, an ice cream store! I didn't want ice cream right then, but decided I'd come back later in the day. Went to Burger King for lunch, then drove to Sumner (resort town a few km from Christchurch), nice town. Then drove Summit Road, giving great views of clouds and a few glimpses of surrounding area. Then to Lyttleton, the port of Christchurch. I went to see the Lyttleton Timeball Station, but it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. My luck.

Back to downtown Christchurch, went to the internet for a while, then about 4:45, went to New Zealand Natural, and it was CLOSED. Ack!! Every store in Christchurch is open except this one! And it was open earlier today!

Back to hostel and made supper, then watched TV and figured out game plan for tomorrow, then to bed.

Spring is coming...all the trees and bushes and flowering plants are all flowering, creating an explosion of colours; purples, yellows, reds, whites, and pinks, very beautiful.

Heard the new Nickelback song, Someday, on the one radio station I can get on my crappy radio.

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