Saturday, August 23, 2003

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For those too daft or busy to read the whole thing, here are the highlights:
- 7.1 on the Richter Scale, Geoscience Australia put it at 7.5
- Centred 70km west of Te Anau, at a depth of 20km. I was about 8km south of Te Anau.
- Biggest aftershock was 6.2 shake at 2:12AM (I distinctly remember this one!)
- "The quake went on for a long time ... these are the kinds of earthquakes that make the whole earth ring,"
- "We've been very lucky. An earthquake of this size near a population centre could cause a lot of damage."
- This was the largest quake in decades (!!!!)

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have actually experienced such a big earthquake. Definately once in a lifetime experience!!!! Of course, I am glad that no one was injured or killed from the quake.

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