Sunday, October 28, 2018

Back to London

We went to check out of our hotel and went to pay our final bill, which should have had some breakfasts and dinner from the last night. Fortunately for us, someone didn't put our dinner on our room, so we got an expensive dinner for free, including desserts! Nice.

We walked to the train station and caught the train, for an uneventful train ride back to London. Checked back into the Keystone House Hostel.

Took the Underground to Trafalgar Sqaure, where I wanted to get some pictures of the square, but there was some huge event going on, so it was absolutely packed with people. The National Gallery is right there, and free, so we went in and viewed lots of old paintings from the 1300's to the 1700's. It's so huge, we spent two hours there and still didn't see everything.

We headed back to the King's Cross, and went for supper at a less than mediocre higher-end restaurant, then walked around a bit before heading back to the hostel.

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