Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Lazy Day on Utila

Up around 8:00, we have no plans today. We were hoping to do the water cave.

We went for breakfast and then just started walking. We found the dirt road leading to Pumpkin Hill, the highest point on the island, so walked that way. It's near the northern coast, so walked to the shoreline. Remember all the garbage washed up on shore on the mostly uninhabited north shore of the island. Mostly plastic and just confirms my decision to try and remove plastic from as much of my life as possible.

We tried to find a path leading up Pumpkin Hill but couldn't. Oh well.

Headed back to town, had lunch, then walked to Bando Beach, a small private beach area someone made, as Utila was not blessed with sand beaches. 60 lempira per person. We hung out in the shade for the afternoon. The guy that operates the beach, an American, has some parrots there as well. One of them bit me when I tried to get him to go on my shoulder.

One of the small resorts along the road to the beach had a tame monkey as well.

We went to Rehab, a bar and restaurant for supper.

This morning I had sent an email to Omega tours, a jungle eco-lodge and our next stop, asking for a pickup at La Ceiba dock tomorrow morning. No reply from them, I hope they have someone waiting there.

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