Friday, April 04, 2008

So Beautiful!

Up about 7:30, had breakfast around 8:00, gave them laundry, lounged, went to town (Chalok Baan), used internet, updated online journal. Checked out some snorkelling trips for tomorrow.

Back to the hut, read, and a guy and a girl came to the bungalows with their backpacks. I was on the van with them in Chumpon, when we were going to the boat. A while later, she was on the beach, sunbathing and swimming, and the guy was lounging in a hammock near the restaurant. She kept giving me the eyes and smiling, and I noticed her noticing me and she noticed me noticing her. She went for another swim, I decided to go and swim too, and when she saw me coming, she gave me a big smile. She went back to shore. She was sooooo beautiful. I had to go talk to her. Carolina is her name, from Argentina. I was hoping the guy was a just a friend, but alas, he's her boyfriend. We talked for quite a bit, and she invited me join them when they go to the main beach on the island, Sairee Beach, later in the day. I said "Sure, if you don't mind", and she's like, "Please, come with us. It's nice to have someone else to talk to, when you've been travelling with the same person for so long." Haha. His name is Fredericko.

I had lunch, then went to buy a ticket for a snorkelling trip for tomorrow, then back to the hut and around 3:00, the three of us walked to Sairee beach, my old stomping grounds 5 years ago. We went for a swim, walked around, I recognized a few places, Scuba Junction, where Court and I did our Advanced Open Water, and the massage place where I had my first (and only) Thai massage. We stopped at a beach bar for a couple of drinks, walked around, then Carolina had to go pee really bad, so she went in the ocean, then we went to a restaurant for supper. I recognized it, we ate there 5 years ago. As we walked, various other places looked familiar.

About 8:15, we walked back to the hut, stopped at Bubaloo Bar for another drink, then made it to bed about 10:00ish. I drank Changs again, because Carolina is a beer drinker, Fredericko is not, so Carolina and me split large Changs all night long. But didn't experience the Chang effect this time.

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